Work: What Happens After Your Best Years

Make a Vow at Being the Best at What You Do!

Don't use these 10 excuses at your workplace and watch how you're able to shift from being an "okay" employee to a superb one! Whenever your boss asks you for a little extra from you, avoid using these 10 excuses:  


We all have those miserable days at work. Sometimes your days are so awful to the extent where you think of resigning which leads to a thought process that could threaten your evaluation at your workplace wherever that may be. 

Land that Dream Job!


The title of this article seems hopeful. It would suggest that there is a simple answer behind getting that dream job of yours that you’ve wanted after all these years of dreaming; whether it’s becoming the CEO of Al Shaeyeg holdings, or being head of communications at the #1 international organization of all time, or what have you, you can in fact achieve your ideal dream.  (Keep reading and I’ll let you in on the trick to making this happen.)


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