As a @KhaleejiGirl you’re a driven individual right? I mean you’ve strived to achieve so much and you’ve tried so hard to attain your dreams and goals. After all, the @KhaleejiGirl platform constantly encourages that. Now you may be at a certain point in your life where you’d like to settle down but things aren’t working out well in that favor and you’re not sure why. Especially when you see many of your, let’s face it, less accomplished or maybe even less ambitious friends married and onto baby #4.


Why can’t that be you in addition to having your thriving career?


Well @KhaleejiGirl it’s a question that’s almost as old as time. It may come in second place after the whole, when will I find the one? But despite the number of articles you read about being the best version you can be and try to be the kind of @KhaleejiGirl that tries to reach her goals, that in itself is the problem. For you see, many men not only are intimidated by a highly successful woman but they fear she may rock the boat and cause problems for the respective family dynamic.


For example, let’s look at the British royal family’s two princes, Prince William and Prince Harry. As many of us know, Prince Harry married (now Duchess) Kate Middleton now and they’re living their lives as happily as ever with their three children. It is very rare to see them depicted in the media as anything other than happy ergo they are never seen as a couple who have problems. Of course, we wish them nothing else than all the best. Whereas Prince Harry who married (now Duchess) Meghan Markle are in a relationship with the press. As many of you know, the couple has recently decided to officially step down as “senior” members of the royal family and apparently didn’t tell anyone about it.


Now the reason why I’m bringing up with these two main people as examples is not to talk about the men of the royal family but it is to analyze how different these two women are.


It seems as though since Harry’s marriage to Meghan things have been stirred up in the family dynamic. From the rumors of the royal family not liking Meghan to Harry cutting his ties with his close friends and family and now the latest development of stepping down. Oh, the drama.


Regardless of where Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry end up with their decision, that is not the point of this article either. Men seem to be intimidated by highly intelligent and competitive women but in the end why do men end up with the Katherines of the world and not the Meghans when they are both intelligent but perhaps one is more competitive than the other? Is it because men want predictability from a woman like Katherine more than they want a woman who may bring a little bit of drama?


Do less and you’ll come off as more stable and more predictable.

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