Make a Vow to Become the Best at What You Do! 


Don't use these 10 excuses at your workplace and watch how you're able to shift from being an "okay" employee to a superb one! Whenever your boss asks you for a little extra from you, avoid using these 10 excuses:  




















We all have those horrid days at work. Sometimes your days are so awful you just can’t handle it. You may be thinking to yourself, “this is not what I signed up for,” or “I worked my ass off in college only to end up here,” or “I can’t handle working with these people.” These thoughts of course are bound to come across your mind at some point (especially when you’re at your breaking point.) Yet, it’s not in your best interest Ms. Khaleeji Girl to have a thought process of the following no matter how awful work may be:


I don't care about my work and I know it’ll affect my performance

I don’t care that my supervisor will have to call me in to discuss it and record it on my evaluation.

I don’t care that it’s so bad that it’ll probably lead to my termination. Let them fire me.


No Khaleeji Girl! Don’t you think like that!!


We’re not saying that every Khaleeji Girl thinks that way but it does happen whether you like it or not. Most times you don't have the liberty of getting fired or resigning even for numerous reasons. So, if you use this short list of changing your outlook at work, it could lead to wonders for your career. 


Moral of the story: keep thinking positively and pushing yourself at wherever it is you work. Things are bound to get better and you’re sure enough to get recognition for your efforts if you stay committed to positive thinking.   


After all, you’re not proving to anyone other than yourself that your goal is to be the best at what you can do ;) 

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