Anemia Diaries 


Always yawning at random inappropriate times? Check your blood level


When I was told I was anemic, I took a poll on @Khaleejigirl asking if you wanted to know how to avoid this. After seeing the results coming in with a swamping majority for yes, I’m keeping you up to date with the highs and lows of this journey as promised.


Here goes.


So, I’m on iron pills now. One daily dose is my preferred method because you take it once and you see the moods and energy sky rocket. You also have the preference of taking 3 doses of smaller amounts of iron per day. I tried this at first but I didn’t like it for the simplest reason- I’d always forget to take the pill.


What I’ve found to be something very unusual for me is how sleepy I get after I take my iron pill. I’m not the type of @Khaleejigirl who is used to sleep but lately I’ve been finding myself yawning at different times of the day just fantasizing about me in my bed.


Watch out for that.


As for my change in food habits, well let’s just say I’ve never realized how much milk is in all of my favorite food items. No, I’m not even referring to my love of chocolate, but I’m talking the use of milk in my all time favorite oats to create oatmeal.


I will be updating you guys on the different types of milk I will experiment with. Here’s hoping these different types will still make my oatmeal taste as delicious as it does now.

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