Ode to October #breastcancer

October is a month known for many things. Sure there's Halloween but it is also known for breast cancer month where doctors may encourage women to have their breasts examined for any cancer like cells or lumps. But as readers of the KhaleejiGirl magazine, one thing you may not know is my mother died of breast cancer not too long ago. Yes, that’s what happened and oddly enough I still can’t get over the end of her journey. Her journey made me feel emotional of course but so much so that I am terrified of getting my breasts checked in the form of getting a mammogram in fear of discovering my own similar demise. However, I know this way of thinking is wrong. No, not the part where it’s hard to let go of the woman who raised me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let go of that part. But I’m addressing the part where I need to muster up enough courage to live in the moment and hope for another day; I know that I am currently alive and if I ever do find the courage to get my breasts tested for breast cancer, I will be able to act on it. Why? Because hopefully when I check my breasts early enough whether it was by a self examination or by an actual doctor I will be able to act on it.

Please don’t be like me. Don’t fear such a thing like a mammogram. Don’t fear checking your own breasts for lumps.

Remember, early detection is the key to saving a life even if it is yours.

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