New Beginnings

So I was watching Emily in Paris on Netflix and sure it's a story about a girl who moves to a new city who's looking for a new chapter in life. 

From what I've gathered, the series is all about new beginnings which in today's times , seems impossible. The fact that the show resonates so much with me is because.I'm searching for adventure. My life is in  stalemate, a blur of normalcy. A shadow of what it once was and I think that's because of the pandemic we're currently going through. Someone on Twitter told me that the trick to getting through this rough time is not about having emotions. Everyone feels. But more importantly, it is about processing those emotions and letting them pass. You need to understand that during unprecedented times like this, It's normal to feel down or sad or inadequate or stuck in a never ending routine.

Just remember @khaleejigirl this time will pass too. Don't listen to people who tell you to constantly be positive and happy, instead, give yourself the joy of feeling and understanding. You'll come out of this a better person. If life gives you the opportunity to enrich yourself, take it. Don't ask why.

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