Make Anxiety the Loser

What do you do when anxiety overtakes your body from doing something or someone you once loved? 

Do you shift your mind and tell yourself thoughts like “this too shall pass” and “don’t think just breathe”? Or do you wait for a miracle to occur? Can you be the “exception” when it comes to a cure finding its way and waking you up from this shuttered insecure feeling known as anxiety? Will all this wishful hope and thinking ever come true? Do what can we do when we are feeling overwhelmingly stressed over an issue such as corona that we can’t see the end to any time soon? Personally, I try to keep myself busy by diving into my work and/or studies. This seems to work the best for me. It’s because when I’m studying or working I’m completely focused on the topic at hand. I guess you can say it works as a coping method to avoid thinking about the illness at hand.

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