Hummus- A love affair for the ages.

Ever since I was a child. Some of my best memories revolve around food. The image of my mother cooking Friday lunch, the background noise of the TV, the incredible aroma that wafts through the house, all of it is burned into my mind and memories. Those truly were the days.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing remains, my love for anything homemade.

Hummus has been around since the 13th century and people's love affair was this tantalizing dip hasn't declined since then.

I consider myself a connoisseur of hummus, having tried hummus all over the Middle East. I've eaten the best of it. I've eaten the worst of it. From London to Brazil, from Cairo to Abu Dhabi, if there is hummus, I've tried it.

So in an attempt to find the elusive perfect bowl of Hummus, I came across a Bahrain based start up called the Hummus House. Started and run by a fellow Khaleejigirl, Hummus house is taking the hummus to new levels. For the traditionalist, the classic and the classic garlic hummus is worth it. For the more daring amongst us, the mint hummus is refreshing and a definite must try. The texture, flavor and the creaminess stood out and the bread cut up into cute little triangles was a nice touch.

Alright, I must stop. This review is more a love letter to Hummus than a review of the Hummus House. Here are some pictures but they don't do it justice, you just gotta try it for yourself! Check out @thehummushouse on Instagram. Thank me later.

I shall now conclude with this Hummus where the heart is. Pretty good right? Stay Classy @KhaleejiGirl

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