KhaleejiGirl (KG) Interviews Basma

We all through struggles in our lives, yes. But there is always at least one @KhaleejiGirl, like Basma, who outshines throughout all the struggle life throws her way. Learn more about her journey down below.

KG: First of all, thank you so much for being courageous in sharing your experience. Please introduce yourself with your name.

A: My name is Basma.

KG: What is the name of the condition you have?

A: The condition I have and lived for 37 years called is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition that caused red and flaky patches in some parts of your body for some people and for some people it can be widely spread around your body. The patches can be sore and itchy. Psoriasis can be a chronic inflammatory, but it is possible to manage your condition with medication or lifestyle changes you do in your life.

KG: How old were you when you the first symptoms appeared ?

A: My psoriasis started when I was a 6 month baby in my scalp area and started to spread as months went by all over my body. By the time I was 2 years old I had psoriasis from my head to toe.

KG: Are you taking any medication that you would recommend to others who have the same kind of psoriasis?

A: My parents never given me any sort of medications and did not want me to take any sort of drugs, but to do things naturally by using natural remedies. It was hard for my parents to watch their child suffer, but they believed natural ways were the best thing for them to do for me, so since then I have always been taking natural remedies. This needs commitment, patience and determination of lifestyle changes. It's not easy, but it's not impossible.

KG: Is there any kind of chemical or food that makes your condition better or worse?

A: Gluten, dairy, red meat, junk food, smoking, alcohol and stress what worsens your skin and it is a true enemy to your skin condition. Clean food, drinking loads of water, exercise, good 8 hours sleep daily, taking vitamin supplements and controlling your stress level with good oxygen/air to your body by doing your daily meditation helps a lot to reduce your psoriasis condition. This is what all humans should be doing regardless in our lives.

KG: What would you recommend to those who are struggling with the same condition?

A: To enjoy there life by being who they want to be and whatever they wish to do or wear and not to allow your skin to take over your life, as your skin does not define you, you define you by being you. Love yourself, love your skin and see your psoriasis as a little cherry toppings in your skin.

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