Shawarma: A Tribute

Pre Covid19, the sharma was one of the most enjoyable experiences on the island. How i wish for those days to come back. In the meantime check out some of the best shawarma places on the island. ​

  1. As you drive through the narrow streets of Jidhafs like an oasis in the dessert you come across Hantour grills. Go for the standard 2 shawarma meal. The meat to tahini ratio is perfect 5/5 stars

  2. Middle East restaurant. This Ivón in the northern town of Budaiya has been dishing gorgeous morsels of shawarmas for the past 20 years. Recently they have even introduced a spicy shawarma which takes your shawarma-gasm to the next level. I would recommend 1 spicy and 1 normal shawarma. The sheesh tawook is pretty good too. 4.5/5 stars.

  3. Anwar Paris restaurant. This monument in Ghudaibiya dishes out hearty malgooms overflowing with Heapings of chicken and fries and their special sauce. I would recommend going early, getting a table and asking for the hot sauce. Washing it down with Pepsi is essential. I would recommend the chicken malgoom with no tomato . 4/5 stars.

  4. Turkish mazaya restaurant in exhibition road. This Turkish legend dishes out more shawarmas than any other restaurant on the island. With malgooms, shawarmas, and sarookhs Turkish mazaya has every size of shawarma for every person of size. I would recommend the sarookh with the Miranda citrus as they compliment each other perfectly. Don’t forget to sit outside and get the bottle of tahini. Rating 3.8/5 stars.

  5. Ya salam promises a lot but has turned out to be the kfc of the shawarma world. It’s great for a quick meal but not good enough to dream over. I would recommend going there ,getting the malgoom with the brown bread (because it’s nice to be a little healthy), their sweet potato fries and a Pepsi. 2.5/5 stars with definite room for improvement.

  6. Zaaahhharmaaa comes in last place. Served by a mild mannered European dude this place seems to dislike vampires quite a bit. One flavor profile stands out here: GARLIC. More garlic than the whole of Italy uses.I would recommend trying the basic chicken shawarma and hey if garlic is your thing you’ll love it.

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