Butting into your Business

​True, you have the right to live your life privately and without any outside interference. This isn’t new. But what about your own family butting into your business?

We can’t really qualify our own family members as being outsiders. But is the line drawn between being caring and kind vs. being domineering and controlling on how to live our own lives?

Is the old saying, mother knows best, not always true or is it one full of regret in many years to come if we don’t take our parents’ advice?

I’ve found that regardless of our respective age, whether we’re 3 years old or 30, many of our family members, sometimes through no intentional and sadistic fault of their own, include themselves in our lives. They only want what is best for us right? They know what’s best for us, right? After all they’ve been where we are, yes? But does that mean that we want their exact life? Do we want to take the same steps that they’ve taken especially when we have no intentions of ending up in the position that led them there?

Don’t we deserve to live our own lives with our own rules irrespective of the intentions of others? I realize mistakes are bound to happen no matter how careful we are but isn’t that apart of life? Or rather, isn’t that part of our lives?

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