@KhaleejiGirl Knows How to Do More than Spell the Word “Empowerment”.

​​The word empowerment gets thrown around a lot. By doing that many people, both women and sometimes even men, use it merely as a synonym for women in a general sense.

Let me explain. As a @KhaleejiGirl, of course I’m all about empowerment but I’m very sensitive about that word. Many women or organizations seem to throw that word around as an attempt to tap into the female market by any means necessary. True that many organizations will always want to profit through their businesses. Fair enough. But can we do it the proper way?

For example, you may be a PR agency who is doing well in the market. But you’re in PR. Hence there’s no correlation between that and empowerment. Furthermore, when a company does want to associate itself with empowerment, please for the love of God know the definition of the word. That way you’ll be able to better map out your intentions towards your specified audience and have a clearer result. That way you’ll actually empower others as opposed to just take pictures at an event.

Also, isn’t female empowerment all about supporting other women in the name of sisterhood? If that’s so which I truly and thoroughly believe why are many a @Khaleejigirl working to build themselves up to outshine other women instead of work together with them?

That really needs to stop. But if it doesn’t as the founder of @KhaleejiGirl I urge others not to associate themselves with the word empowerment because they are acting in the complete opposite direction of the word.

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