Setting Boundaries

You may have that annoying sibling that’s always teasing you which you hate. Or that cousin who’s always bullying which you also hate. You think to yourself how can I stop them? Setting boundaries is a good place to start.

When a person thinks of setting boundaries or creating guidelines for themselves they think about the things they are uncomfortable with. Maybe that could include things like a friend telling your crush that you like him, your mom embarrassing you at every one of your soccer games.

Living in Bahrain, many times it can seem like everyone knows everyone else’s business. Yes, part of that goes to how tiny our beloved country is but the other part also goes hand in hand with how people overstep on the boundaries of others.

Setting boundaries can be a liberating part of your life for a countless amount of reasons. For one, you may be a private person who just doesn’t like sharing information about herself with others. That’s completely fine; nothing is wrong with that at all. Or what if you are a @KhaleejiGirl who actually has anxiety when people physically come too close to you? Clearly, you cannot be relaxed about that.

As mentioned before, nothing is wrong with that. Nothing is wrong with you.

People have the tendency to push you as far as you let them. Hence, putting up boundaries can be useful for a @KhaleejiGirl. So, you need to get clear on where your boundaries are and figure out the right way to inform people about them.

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