I’m an ugly teenager

Teenage girls have been obsessing over their looks more than usual and we can’t blame them. Living in this day and age and with social media being at the forefront of everyone, many girls turn to cutting themselves because they can’t meet the beauty standards that follow them every time they turn on their phones.

Teenage girls are desperate for likes when they don’t like themselves. Of course, this is not a novel matter. These girls are teenagers going through the several kinds of hormones that are building up in their bodies while they go through puberty.

Now although many others can easily suggest different kind of advice for these girls, I won’t because I’m sure they’ve heard it all before except for this one piece of advice:

To all young ladies, you’re at a point in your life where your entire body is changing. You’re very likely going to physically change and hopefully for the better. Just be patient and good news will come to you soon featured on your reflection.

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