Why Do We Listen?

​When we are younger, our parents raised us to have certain morals to mold us into the “right” kind of people in their eyes. Most of the time this works. I can’t help but wonder why many of us still listen to their advice as we grow up? By this I mean why do we hold their opinions very highly? If the answer to this was yes, we should follow our parents and make them proud right? We should say no to many other things that they would not approve of such as bullying others or teasing them for perhaps being a bit different than the average Joe. We should not judge others for it goes against the way we were raised by our parents.

According to psychological experts, they state the difference against being raised right and being judgmental. It states that, “passing judgement on another because you think they weren’t raised right is actually probably a sign that you were the one raised to have poor values.” This is something we all see with ourselves in Bahrain regardless of our age. So, I am here to ask you to come together in the name of stopping any judgement towards others. We all deserve respect regardless of how we think others were raised.

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