Why are Girls Toys So Stereotypical?

​I remember as a child I loved my barbie dolls. But now that I’m older I can’t help but wonder if that love was pure and genuine or if it was because the company that created the Barbie toys just knew how to market their products to little girls better?

Looking back, I also believe that our parents did not try to change our opinions about the kinds of toys would want. They were quite contempt with the idea of us playing with these feminine toys so much so that we’d want to dress up like them once as we grew up.

This brings up a very important point: the types of clothing young girls would wear.

Of course, it is very normal that our choice of attire would have words on them but I can’t help myself and think why would a little girl’s t-shirt have words that are completely different than that of a boys t-shirt? No, I’m not talking about dinosaurs vs unicorns but I’m actually referring to the princess vs. superheroes. Why can’t girls be superheroes too? After all, we do have wonder woman, supergirl, capital marvel and many more.

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