Is Empathy Towards Each Other a Problem?

​When did we stop being empathetic especially to another @Khaleejigirl? Was it around the time when mankind created the term rat race? Well, the term rat race does not officially have an origin year or date for that matter. This then further begs my initial question.

Have you just become a @Khaleejigirl who wants to win at all costs without helping another fellow @Khaleejigirl go through her process of trying to reach her own version of success? Are we forgetting the immortal words of former Secretary of State Madeline Albright who said, “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”?

As a @Khaleejigirl we need to remember this because we all go through the same issues such as sexism in the workplace. Regardless of the kind of sexism be it sexual harassment, bullying or others, trust me it happens. This can lead us to feeling uncomfortable and secluded if our female counterparts do not stand with us but they in fact stand against us. According to an article written in the Atlantic, it goes on to explain the positive points that come with women supporting each other. It states that, “the basic idea is that since all women experience sexism, they should be more attuned to the gendered barriers that other women face. In turn, this heightened awareness should lead women to foster alliances and actively support one another. If women don’t help each other, this is an even worse form of betrayal than those committed by men.”

Do you see other women supporting each other or going against the words of Madeline Albright?

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