Avoid panic grocery shopping during this difficult time.

​​If for anything, it’s wasteful. Earlier today I was at a supermarket and as I looked at the several cash registers, I tried to find the one that had the least amount of customers so I could finish quickly. To my delight I found a register that only had one person ahead of me. An older gentleman wearing the traditional thoub. He seemed to have been waiting for the POS system to work again. During this time, he turned around and looked at the other customers with their overflowing trolleys. Then he looked at me and posed a very important remark that I agreed with. He said, “there’s no need for all of this. Most of this food is going to go bad. There’s no need to fill up your kitchens like this.”

I couldn’t agree with this more especially because the cold stores are going to stay open during the time of the corona virus. We’re not going through an apocalypse. We’re fortunate that food will be available in Bahrain.

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