Mother’s Day was such a bliss for me as a daughter

I remember the detailed planning months prior to the special day. Of course when I was younger I was the only daughter my mother had. But throughout the years my mom and I were both blessed with two additional female bumble bees to our tribe. So at least the more offspring my mother had, the more ideas came along with it. Of course, the gifting ritual started when I was around ten years old but my sisters were still too young to help in any way (one was 3 and the other was a year old so I can’t blame them.)

I remember when I was 10 I would give mama the standard gift- a box of Lyndt chocolates and a hand written card. Then as the years progressed I would add flowers to the formula. Years passed by and the same Mother’s Day formula continued. Until the final Mother’s Day came- that is one I cannot forget. Perhaps it’s because I have a video of my mother’s reaction from all 3 of her daughters. Or maybe it’s because we gave her 3 different kinds of gifts- one from each of us that were simultaneously also a selection of her favorite things.

Regardless of what those presents were, that is not the memory that stays in my mind. It is the sound of her laughter and the smile that was on her face as each of us gifted her our presents along with the handwritten card we created for her.

Here’s to you mama. We all miss you terribly and love you oh so very much. Happy Mother’s Day.

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