Who's Afraid of the Gyno?

Many women refuse to go to the gynecologist’s office because we are ashamed of our bodies. Can you imagine that? This isn’t just an observation I’ve noticed between a few of my friends. There’s data backing up what I thought was a small minority of those in Bahrain. In fact, according to research from the BBC, it states that, “over a third of young women are embarrassed to attend smear tests because of the appearance of their vulva and concerns over smell.” When a @KhaleejiGirl visits her gynecologist, it does not always have to be to conduct a smear test. Going to the doctor’s office can be for a minor checkup to make sure everything is alright and there are no infections, STDs or God forbid more.

The point and urgency behind such visit is to make sure a KhaleejiGirl attends to herself before it’s too late; it’s important for a KhaleejiGirl to take care of herself even the parts of her bodies she may not feel the most confident about showing others.

If a @KhaleejiGirl does feel concerned she should remember that a gynecologist will not judge or tease her. If she does she’s in the wrong occupation.

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