Dealing with a Bad Boss

You know what I’m talking about. That one boss you may have had who’s also been inconsiderate of you. The one who’s always piling up the workload of the entire office on you when you’re at a junior level. The one who’s so demanding they’re one step close to asking you to sleep by their bedside to make sure you’re even more efficient.

Yeah. You know the one.

So how do you deal?

Step 1

Clarify upwards

Step 2

Communicate clearly with them thereby demonstrating what each party’s role is.

Step 3

Do step 2 strategically. You don’t want to confront your clear communication plan in a way that is done without strategy.

Step 4

Consult your co-workers. Make sure that you’re not over thinking that your boss is bad to you when in fact she may be bad to everyone else. This point is key. You don’t want to get riled up over nothing right?

But then if circumstances worsen, would you be bold enough to ever consult your superior again and ask him why they're making you feel this way?

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