First, Let Me Take a #Selfie

It has become more of a commonality than a trend for people to stop whatever it is they’re doing in their lives for a moment to take a #selfie. More often than not there’s usually no purpose behind it- no historical building behind them, no beautiful landscape, and no special reason to take a picture of themselves other than the fact that they can reverse the camera on the phone and then share it on social media so the rest of the world can gaze upon it as well.

Then again, maybe #selfies are a sign of self-esteem a sign of someone loving themselves where they broadcast the image to the world. Or maybe it is a person’s 15 minutes of fame within their own circle of friends as an attempt to get as many likes as possible just like celebrities who show off how much they may love themselves and/or their bodies. Perhaps @KhaleejiGirl we should all love ourselves as much as Kim Kardashian does. According to her photos, she loves her eyes, her lips, and to be frank she’s proud of every single part of her body and makes sure everyone knows this.

Although it is within a person’s right to feel confident and pleased with however way they look like, it is also within their divine right to feel confident about themselves which is what justifies the act of taking a #selfie. However, does this act make us narcissistic? Or does it make us more self aware about the outward changes that occur in our bodies like weight gain or loss and how to solve it? Or does it make us extreme perfectionists with the sole mission of taking the perfect #selfie?

Does the act of a @KhaleejiGirl taking a #selfie shift her focus from other things that matter aside from taking a picture? Can you imagine Joan of Arc telling her army to wait while she takes a picture of herself to post before her army moves forward? Can you imagine Mother Teresa asking a leper in Calcutta to wait for her because she needs to snap a sexy shot of herself first? Or Julia Child letting her soufflé fall while she takes a picture of herself?

So @KhaleejiGirl the question then becomes, what happens when we all fall in love with ourselves? What happens when we take the art of a #selfie to an extreme? Stories about suicide via selfies have surfaced all around the world related to a little too much self love. A teenager became so obsessed with taking the perfect #selfie that he tried to kill himself when his efforts failed. And a man who was obsessed with #selfies according to the International Business Times failed to take the perfect gun #selfie when the weapon accidentally went off where he shot himself unintentionally.

So where do you draw the line between being obsessed with yourself like Kim Kardashian and being obsessed with yourself until there’s no turning back?

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