Catching Up With Shoes

I recently caught up with a good friend over lunch at CityCenter during the weekend. Once we were done with our #lunch and activities for the day, we decided to walk around the huge mall before the day was over. As we did so we passed by several #coffee #shops and diverse kinds of stores, we continued to converse in our #girl chat. Until I suddenly stopped walking for my eyes couldn’t stop starring at a sign that caught my attention; the sign struck my Achilles heel so to speak – it was a sale at a certain shoe store. And though there were a number of sales taking place all throughout the mall, my eyes were mesmerized by the buy one get one free offer at this certain shoe store. Wouldn’t you be mesmerized if not smitten as well? ;)

Now, I’m not going to lie: I didn’t need any more shoes. To be frank my shoe closet is too full of the shoes I already have to add any new footwear. But I mean, it was a sale and a damn good one at that. So my friend and I went inside and a pair of beige heels caught my attention so I tried them on—what can it hurt? I walked around in the #nude #heels to the mirror to see how they looked on my feet. And as I walked to to where she was sitting, I asked her if I should buy the #beige pair of heels when she comforted me by saying, “a girl doesn’t need a reason to buy shoes.” And as I looked around the store to find another pair of shoes to take full advantage of the offer, I think I fell in love. They were #tiffany #blue mid heel #sling #back #pumps and similar to the first pair, they too were very comfortable. And as I made my way to the register, I smiled remembering the kind of response my friend had given me earlier realizing how right she was. A woman doesn’t need a reason to buy shoes that are very very comfortable.

At any given moment of any @KhaleejiGirl’s life there may be an occasion in which a girl needs a certain kind of pair of shoes. Let’s say your boss informs you of a horseback riding work related competition that will bCe occurring tomorrow at 7 am. However, since you don’t ride horses you won’t have the right kind of footwear. And since it’s usually quite warm in any #Khaleeji country, with the exception of this year, you usually wouldn’t care to wear any kind of boots no matter how pretty they are in any shoe outlet. So what do you do when it’s the night before the work related competition? Some of you @KhaleejiGirls will probably go out to the nearest shoe store to find some kind of #boot or anything #flat really so you don’t’ fall out of your boss’s good graces at work right? Suffice to say, at any given time you @KhaleejiGirl will need any kind of shoe whatever the occasion may be which is why what my friend said while we were in @Milano made sense, “a girl doesn’t need a reason to buy shoes.”

Are you a @KhaleejiGirl who would agree or disagree? What kind of shoe is your favorite kind? Flats? Heels? Wedges? Give us your feedback and spare no details!

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