Let's Talk About You and Me


Here at @Khaleejigirl we always look at branching out in terms of different topics that will be of interest to you. This time we’re talking breakups!

We’re not necessarily talking about breaking up with a significant other but rather we’re talking about breaking up when it comes to the end of something like a job. Let’s say you were comfortable at your job for a number of years but then one morning you wake up and you realized something: you wanted more. So you weigh out the pros and cons and you ask yourself if you can do any better. If the answer is yes then you owe it to yourself @Khaleejigirl to go out and see that through.

You’ve always had dreams but somewhere along the line for whatever reason you may have needed to put those dreams on hold and take the next available job. We’ve all got to pay rent in one way or another right?

Life is too short to be unhappy be it at your job or in a relationship.

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