Head of KhaleejiGirl Fashion

Maha Rajput is a personal and fashion stylist from New York. Her obsession with fashion started from a very young age, as it only seemed fitting for her to pursue her dream career of being a fashion designer and stylist. Today, she manages two businesses of her own. One being a clothing brand known as Haus Of M and the second being her personal styling business.


Maha is always up to date on all of the latest fashion trends & news, she has expert knowledge on body shapes and colors along with knowing how to make women feel beautiful and confident through the power of clothing.


She is a one-of-a-kind fashionista. Follow her on Instagram at @maximalistmaha to stay updated on all things fashion!

  • Sophisticated Look

    A @KhaleejiGirl’s clothing can reflect so much of her personality and character. Clothing can easily demonstrate whether you're a woman worth knowing due to her sophistication or if you're just like any other girl who's easy to forget. Make a statement when you decide to dress more like a sophisticated woman and you won't regret it.  
  • Advice on Personal Style

    Personal style is an ambiguous beast at best. Due to the fact that it’s always evolving, let's identify which one truly speaks to you. Once you are able to identify your style personality, then putting your wardrobe together will be easier than ever. If you choose to ignore your style personality it leads to purchasing clothes that are just trending and unfortunately it leaves you in this position of being hopeful that you will one day wear that garment you purchased years back...
  • Styling Monochrome 

    Check out this video about styling monochrome here 
  • Makeup Classes that Last a Lifetime

    A few years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a makeup course conducted by the one and only @themakeupmanual. To be honest, as a @khaleejigirl I already know the basic application tools but of course I should know more. So, when I saw the title of the class was called A to Z Professional Makeup Techniques, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lo and behold my delight when I saw how detailed @themakeupmanual was leaving no brush left unturned and no makeup beauty secret untold.


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