As a @khaleejigirl at some point in your life you’ve come to a point where you thought about using a diet. This may have led you to trying out different diets or fads. But the latest fasting fad involves depriving yourself of all the stuff that gives you pleasure that are not necessarily exclusive to just food. The fad suggests you deprive yourself from things like Netflix, online shopping sprees, and even gossiping with your friends.

It’s called dopamine fasting, and it’s a pretty controversial one.

It’s not clear who came up with the idea, but according to an article published in “a life coach named Richard deserves credit for making it go viral; he posted an instructional video to his YouTube channel, Improvement Pill, in November 2018 that boasts more than 1.7 million views.”

Basically, a dopamine fast is a period of abstention from addictive actions such as sex, drugs, alcohol, social media, and, more. Furthermore it can also include in some extreme cases, talking to other people, for at least 24 hours. The goal of the fast is to emerge from the fast with a clearer mind and a sharper focus.

In this time and age, despite how important a @khaleejigirl’s physical fitness is, her frame of mind is almost as important. There are more and more things popping up on a daily basis sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Hence, despite how some scientists may be skeptic of the potential behind its benefits. In fact, according to Nicole Prause, PhD, a neuroscientist and CEO of brain research company Liberos, tells Health of the potential downside that may come with the dopamine fasting. She explained how a person may take it too far and they may be less happy and they may experience less pleasure during the fast, plus they may fail the fast and experience feelings of failure or shame. Prause goes on to explain how, “dopamine is important to learning as a reinforcement but also to smooth movement and motivation and other functions.”

So after getting a brief informative article about dopamine fasting what do you think @khaleejigirl?  Do you think you’ll be someone who will try this fad or not?

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