Shawarma: A Tribute

Pre Covid19, the sharma was one of the most enjoyable experiences on the island. How i wish for those days to come back. In the meantime check out some of the best shawarma places on the island. ​ As you drive through the narrow streets of Jidhafs like an oasis in the dessert you come across Hantour grills. Go for the standard 2 shawarma meal. The meat to tahini ratio is perfect 5/5 stars Middle East restaurant. This Ivón in the northern town of Budaiya has been dishing gorgeous morsels of shawarmas for the past 20 years. Recently they have even introduced a spicy shawarma which takes your shawarma-gasm to the next level. I would recommend 1 spicy and 1 normal shawarma. The sheesh tawook is

Using your Voice Should Not be a Punishment

I guess it’s really true when they say no good deed goes unpunished. You see, I was silenced, shamed, and yelled at for doing something. But what could this crime ever be you ask? Supporting and promoting a business. Crazy right? Well, that’s what some people in my position may refer to those who belittled the promotion, but not me. I won’t stop at the word crazy or insane. I’ll refer to such an organization as unprofessional, unproductive, and full of one sided yet chauvinistic leadership who will gladly die trying to silence the voices of women. That is why it is up to us women to stand up and not take things lying down. Yes, throughout history we have achieved greatness in our lives, but

KG Interviews Miro Dole!

Meet the busy lady who through an international turmoil we are going through right now, she still persisted to help those who are less fortunate. Through these troubling times, we should all be supporting each other as much as we can. However, one Bahraini resident does that while not neglecting the orphans living on the island as well. 1. Please state your name. My name is Shameem Miranthi (Miro) Dole, Sri Lankan Malay living in Manama. I work for Century 21 Bahrain as the Head of Business Development and Marketing. 2. I’ve noticed you conduct charity work. Can you please give more details to your charity and what you’re trying to accomplish? The charity started off as a simple exercise to

@SheShares Empowers Us All

Did that really just happen? Have I actually understood that women all around Bahrain and the Middle East are banding together in the name of community? Yes, you read right. There is now a group called @Sheshares located in the most appropriate place: social media platforms. @SheShares brings women together who want to support one another in the name of sisterhood. Sheshares is a female community full of different professionals that support women and children in Bahrain through discussions with members of the group while sharing the subject of the month in whatever fashion that the individual members prefer on their social media accounts. These methods may include sharing a video, discussi

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