Setting Boundaries

You may have that annoying sibling that’s always teasing you which you hate. Or that cousin who’s always bullying which you also hate. You think to yourself how can I stop them? Setting boundaries is a good place to start. When a person thinks of setting boundaries or creating guidelines for themselves they think about the things they are uncomfortable with. Maybe that could include things like a friend telling your crush that you like him, your mom embarrassing you at every one of your soccer games. Living in Bahrain, many times it can seem like everyone knows everyone else’s business. Yes, part of that goes to how tiny our beloved country is but the other part also goes hand in hand with h

More Domestic Abuse in the Corona Virus

It seems as though the entire world is focused on the corona virus pandemic. Yet throughout this journey we may have forgotten about one thing: the effect this virus may have on women and children inside the comfort of their own homes. For the most part a woman’s house should feel like her home; she should feel safe and treat it like a haven. But is that still true when most employees around the world are forced to stay at home from work with no financial compensation to support their family? Around the world men have been abusive towards their wives and kids for different reasons during the time of quarantine. In fact, according to the Guardian it reported how, “women and children who live

Why Does Someone Twice My Size Seem Twice as Confident Than Me?

Every KhaleejiGirl goes through insecurities with her body. Regardless of whether your legs are too wide, your stomach never seems to get as skinny as you want, your face never makes you look bigger in pictures unless you suck in the jelly underneath your chin. The list goes on and on. But then you look at a colleague of yours who is nowhere close to having the same body as yours. She may even be much bigger than you but you can’t help but notice, her weight does not phase her. In fact, she does not stress about this as much as you may be stressing. Your colleague is confident in her own skin. You start to think to yourself, how did that happen? You have nothing against your colleague. You m

I’m an ugly teenager

Teenage girls have been obsessing over their looks more than usual and we can’t blame them. Living in this day and age and with social media being at the forefront of everyone, many girls turn to cutting themselves because they can’t meet the beauty standards that follow them every time they turn on their phones. Teenage girls are desperate for likes when they don’t like themselves. Of course, this is not a novel matter. These girls are teenagers going through the several kinds of hormones that are building up in their bodies while they go through puberty. Now although many others can easily suggest different kind of advice for these girls, I won’t because I’m sure they’ve heard it all befor

Measuring self-success is harder than it looks

​No one sees the long nights of studying that may not even have anything to do with your career. No one sees the anxiety that takes over your body at any point of the day which leads you to hover into an almost fetal position just waiting for the moment to be over. But what people will see is the number of likes on an Instagram picture and how many comments your pictures receive. Welcome to the 21st century. It’s 2020 yes, but that doesn’t mean much has changed. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned acknowledgement and appreciation? A simple thank you and “I appreciate you” can go a long way no matter where you are in your life or what occupation you hold. I know it would be nice to hear t

The Struggle of Social Media Influencers

​Social media influencers around the world including Bahrain have been very affected by the coronavirus. What was once a career that paid the bills by conducting restaurant reviews along with other kinds of reviews, has now come to an inevitable halt leaving these influencers to discover other methods of both their income along with inducing their target audience. To paint a clearer picture of the situation, meet a German man named Floruss. He makes his living promoting and collaborating with menswear brands on his impressive social media channels. He uses both Instagram and YouTube to earn a living where his Instagram account has 462,000 followers and his YouTube channel that has 600,000 fo

Why Do We Listen?

​ ​When we are younger, our parents raised us to have certain morals to mold us into the “right” kind of people in their eyes. Most of the time this works. I can’t help but wonder why many of us still listen to their advice as we grow up? By this I mean why do we hold their opinions very highly? If the answer to this was yes, we should follow our parents and make them proud right? We should say no to many other things that they would not approve of such as bullying others or teasing them for perhaps being a bit different than the average Joe. We should not judge others for it goes against the way we were raised by our parents. According to psychological experts, they state the difference aga

Why are Girls Toys So Stereotypical?

​I remember as a child I loved my barbie dolls. But now that I’m older I can’t help but wonder if that love was pure and genuine or if it was because the company that created the Barbie toys just knew how to market their products to little girls better? Looking back, I also believe that our parents did not try to change our opinions about the kinds of toys would want. They were quite contempt with the idea of us playing with these feminine toys so much so that we’d want to dress up like them once as we grew up. This brings up a very important point: the types of clothing young girls would wear. Of course, it is very normal that our choice of attire would have words on them but I can’t help m

Is Empathy Towards Each Other a Problem?

​When did we stop being empathetic especially to another @Khaleejigirl? Was it around the time when mankind created the term rat race? Well, the term rat race does not officially have an origin year or date for that matter. This then further begs my initial question. Have you just become a @Khaleejigirl who wants to win at all costs without helping another fellow @Khaleejigirl go through her process of trying to reach her own version of success? Are we forgetting the immortal words of former Secretary of State Madeline Albright who said, “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”? As a @Khaleejigirl we need to remember this because we all go through the same issues

Are Women Forced to be Humble?

​I just had a quick conversation with a friend of mine. Well, if I’m being honest, I don’t know this friend that well but he’s more than just an acquaintance. We met at the gym and we started a conversation that derailed off into what I found to be a bit sexist. To be fair, one can say his following comment was through no fault of his own, but it made me think that it was through no one’s fault either. The conversation started with a topic of business meetings that quickly shifted into a blame game about how women in the Middle East enjoy staying at home and receiving money from their husbands/fathers. They don’t want to work and they’re actually very comfortable in this situation. Although

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