Relishing Alone Time

​ ​Throughout the journey of every @Khaleejigirl’s life she is bound to run into times where she sits herself down to think about her future. This results in said @Khaleejigirl believing in herself and her own goals so much that her whole life changes. Prior to this moment, a @Khaleejigirl may have started off as being someone who used to enjoy going out with her friends to being someone who realizes that she cannot do that as often as before. Now, she has committed herself to her own goals, mission, and vision for the next chapter of her life which requires a lot of time spent by herself dedicated to focusing on achieving all of the three aforementioned points. Many of the times in order to

Avoid panic grocery shopping during this difficult time.

​​If for anything, it’s wasteful. Earlier today I was at a supermarket and as I looked at the several cash registers, I tried to find the one that had the least amount of customers so I could finish quickly. To my delight I found a register that only had one person ahead of me. An older gentleman wearing the traditional thoub. He seemed to have been waiting for the POS system to work again. During this time, he turned around and looked at the other customers with their overflowing trolleys. Then he looked at me and posed a very important remark that I agreed with. He said, “there’s no need for all of this. Most of this food is going to go bad. There’s no need to fill up your kitchens like th

Mother’s Day was such a bliss for me as a daughter

I remember the detailed planning months prior to the special day. Of course when I was younger I was the only daughter my mother had. But throughout the years my mom and I were both blessed with two additional female bumble bees to our tribe. So at least the more offspring my mother had, the more ideas came along with it. Of course, the gifting ritual started when I was around ten years old but my sisters were still too young to help in any way (one was 3 and the other was a year old so I can’t blame them.) I remember when I was 10 I would give mama the standard gift- a box of Lyndt chocolates and a hand written card. Then as the years progressed I would add flowers to the formula. Years pas

Who's Afraid of the Gyno?

Many women refuse to go to the gynecologist’s office because we are ashamed of our bodies. Can you imagine that? This isn’t just an observation I’ve noticed between a few of my friends. There’s data backing up what I thought was a small minority of those in Bahrain. In fact, according to research from the BBC, it states that, “over a third of young women are embarrassed to attend smear tests because of the appearance of their vulva and concerns over smell.” When a @KhaleejiGirl visits her gynecologist, it does not always have to be to conduct a smear test. Going to the doctor’s office can be for a minor checkup to make sure everything is alright and there are no infections, STDs or God forbi

Social Media Giants Fighting Coronavirus Fake News.

Recently, the world's largest social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have pulled out all the stops to combat the wave of false reports, hacking attempts and more that have spread like wildfire about the coronavirus. But, these efforts have not worked. So far, there is not sufficient enough evidence proving a group of accounts from a possible outside company is actively promoting any of this coronavirus-related misinformation to the wider public. Alas, people are going ahead by sharing rumors, fake stories and half-truths about the coronavirus with each other directly across different portals be it through social media or even WhatsApp messages. But where does tha

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