Fitness: Taking Care of Your Health

Getting Back on Track


I for one have been bad- very bad as of late. I haven’t been able to dedicate the proper amount of time towards my health.


There was a time in my life where I used to be dedicated towards working out. When I say dedicated I’m talking about borderline obsession actually. But, I set a goal and thankfully achieved it. I used to go to the gym every morning and workout. It used to be to the extent where the gym acted like another part of myself. I had a routine I was comfortable with so of course I enjoyed everything about my time at the gym.

Healthy Living

What's your favorite fruit? The one you choose to snack on? The one that you just wake up in the morning thinking "mmmm I could use this fruit right now."


At @KhaleejiGirl we usually enjoy starwberries that we get from Alosra in a cup. They satisfy both the sweet component and the healthy component so we don't feel too bad after we're done eating these berries (especially since we end up being so full!)


Let us know what your favorite fruit is on our soial media channels!

Less Junk in Your... Hips and/or Thighs

As any @KhaleejiGirl would know, we usually suffer from problems relating to the lower portion of our bodies. Sometimes we don't want to have 'so' much junk in your hips. So we excercise.  We sign up for memberships at gyms close to our homes and we work hard but sometimes it's not enough. Even after we hit our target of loosing 10 kgs, we look down and realize how we still have a lot of junk in the trunk! So inside our minds we begin to have a panic attack and start yelling to ourselves, What's going on? How do I get rid of my hips or thighs?!




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