Why Do We Like Control? 

When a @Khaleejigirl is in control of her own life she takes responsibility of her own actions and choices, they all belong to her and no one else. Of course, this part of a @KhaleejiGirl’s life does not happen overnight. It can sometimes take decades to establish your boundaries that clarify your stance especially to those who are close to you like your parents. But if it is your intention to have your own freedom from those who you felt were trying to place you in a bubble of protection, be wary of what comes with this kind of liberty.


Now of course this does not have to be an extreme version of liberating yourself. Let’s say for instance you are a teenager who wants the freedom to choose what it is she studies in university. Your parents are adamant on seeing you as the next and perhaps even first doctor of the family. However, you KhaleejiGirl are not interested- heck, you feel squeamish at the sight of blood! But as the days towards your high school education and experience slowly end, soon you must make a choice and hopefully for yourself. But how?


We see a lot of this kind of thinking in our culture where our parents want the best for us of course, but we don’t see things the same way that they do. After all, we do know ourselves the best right?


We have come of age and decide, enough is enough; we muster the courage and realize that we need to establish boundaries with our parents and other loved ones. (don’t fret. We’re behind you on your decision every step of the way.)


So, we go downstairs to the living room where both are parents are after lunch has ended. We sit them down and keep things as positive as they may be before we start to make it clear what’s off limits, in this case our choice of education. We tell mama and baba no matter how much we love them and appreciate all of their support throughout the years that medicine is just not for us.


Now we wait and see their reaction all knowing that we are prepared with answers for any follow up questions. Maybe they have asked us what university we will be attending and to their delight, we are prepared by saying we have already gained acceptance in x university or we’re waiting to hear back from them.


If you can relate to this situation @KhaleejiGirl, make sure to hold your stance firm and not back down. Just make sure you realize that this is your life and you are in control of it, no one else.

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