At a Path by Sydney Colbert

I am at the precipice. I can take path A which will lead me to outcome A or I can take path B which will lead me to outcome B. But what if those paths are the only ones available and neither look appealing? Is it better just to take a leap of faith, follow your gut and instinct and go with one path over the other, or is it better to just move forward and steamroll through irrespective of the cause and effect it will undoubtedly have on you? On my deathbed, the last thing I’d want is to look back and realize, it was all for nothing, that all the precious time I had on earth was in vain and that I have absolutely nothing to leave back. No legacy, no memories. No kin, just a gradual fading into the darkness not knowing what comes next.

In today’s society, age is becoming less and less of a factor. We have people in their 80’s conquering Everest and diving to the depths of the ocean. We have people who make their fortunes and fame late in life. I believe that this isn’t due to choosing path A or path B, this has more to do with breaking the mold. Breaking the mold that your society, parents, siblings, friends and everyone you interact with on a daily basis places on you. All the “you can’t do its”, the “you’re not good enough”, the “you’ll never achieve anything in life”, the “you’ll go nowhere if you continue on this path”, all these comments and more places you in a mold and in time, you start to believe you can’t. You’ll start to believe you’re worthless and not good enough. In fact, according to Dr. Jack Schafer Ph.D., “Words cannot change reality, but they can change how people perceive reality. Words create filters through which people view the world around them.” People do not understand the effect words have on the psyche of another. Many of them, parents especially, go about this like it’s the only way to get their kids to succeed. But it is not.

As we go through life, we need to take a step back, look at ourselves with introspection and thought and see the mold unfairly place on us and break free. Breakthrough those societal handcuffs and be who you want to be, do what you want to do. There’s more than path A and path B. There’s always another way. It’s just waiting for you to be you to appear. Breakthrough my friends. Breakthrough, be you and let’s make this spinning marble in space a place for us to revel in and a place for our children and children’s children to inherit and be proud of. Let us all leave a lasting legacy!

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