Relishing Alone Time


Throughout the journey of every @Khaleejigirl’s life she is bound to run into times where she sits herself down to think about her future. This results in said @Khaleejigirl believing in herself and her own goals so much that her whole life changes. Prior to this moment, a @Khaleejigirl may have started off as being someone who used to enjoy going out with her friends to being someone who realizes that she cannot do that as often as before. Now, she has committed herself to her own goals, mission, and vision for the next chapter of her life which requires a lot of time spent by herself dedicated to focusing on achieving all of the three aforementioned points.


Many of the times in order to achieve this, a @Khaleejigirl needs to invest alone time to collect her thoughts and indulge in experimenting different methods with her business before success is able to be achieved. However, many women may fear the concept of being alone and being away from a social outlet. In fact, in the U.S. alone, “Forty percent of women surveyed said they fear being alone and 35 percent of men said the same. “It makes perfect sense that there's a fear of being alone or missing out,” blogger and relationship expert Sahaj Kohli told The Huffington Post.” Could this fear limit a @Khaleejigirl with so much potential in her field of choice from making it big in life? We’re so accustomed to being surrounded by others be it your family, friends, coworkers, or more, has being a social butterfly limited us from achieving our own optimum potential?  


Over the past few years I’ve relished the idea of spending time alone. Be it because the schedules of my friends and I didn’t match, I needed a break from work, or I just needed to hear the sound of my own cultivated thoughts. I simply love it and oddly enough I’ve become particularly good at it too. Through spending more and more time being alone, I’ve come to realize, along with many others who are in the same boat that I am in, I don’t enjoy anyone who does not understand my goals, mission, and vision. Though they may be lovely people, they are not the type of people you need in your life particularly at the stage of starting your own business.

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