A society where there is not only diversity but more importantly, the awareness that we are all diverse. We as human beings have different identities. As a Kurdish woman born and raised in the Netherlands, I often get stereotypes thrown at my face. On the one hand, it is because of my appearance. I have dark curly hair with both dark eyebrows and eyes. When I get asked the question where I am from, most of the times I reply with the Netherlands. “Huh, but you do not look Dutch.” Yes, I know that I do not look like a typical Dutch person. Indeed, my roots are rooted somewhere else. But I am from the Netherlands. If you want to know my origin, you could ask it in another way. Other times I do reply with that I am Kurdish. “Wow, your Dutch is very good.” What does this even mean? To come back to the stereotypes. On the other hand, it is because of I am a woman. And a feminist.

Meet the author of this page, Lana Amin. 

A recent law that has been implemented in the Netherlands is the anti-mask law. On 1 August 2019 this law has been implemented to stop individuals who cover their faces. However, within the Dutch society this law is known as “het boerkaverbod” which can be translated as “the prohibition of the burqa”. This implies that this law will mainly affect women due to the notion that it is women who wear the burqa, not men. “Het boerkaverbod” is applicable in public transport, governmental institutions, educational institutions and health care institutions.

Breaking the Mould.

In life, one can have many sources of inspiration. When I ask myself the question “What inspires me?”, I can answer this question in the following way. I was born and raised in the Netherlands but I have my roots in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq. Both of my parents were born there. My father was a Kurdish freedom fighter or so-called ‘peshmerga’ during the reign of the Baath regime in Iraq. He and many other people have experienced awful situations. When my mother was eight years old her father passed away. From that moment my grandmother became a widow and had to raise eight children without the ability to read and write. Despite my grandmother being illiterate, she managed to raise eight children who all got a degree. r. 

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