Khaleejigirl (KG) Interviews Bianca Sepp!

Globally there are two things that unite people: coffee and chocolate. Meet Bianca Sepp, a coffee connoisseur whose passion for coffee grew later in life, and now can’t go a day without a cup or two. Check out her interview with @KhaleejiGirl.


KG: Please state your name and occupation.


A: My name is Bianca Sepp. I am a teacher/coffee blogger from South Africa. You can find me on Instagram @latte_scout.


KG: Please describe the journey that led you towards @latte_scout.

A: Some of my fondest childhood memories were at cafes. My mom, my grandmother and I used to go out to different cafes every Saturday. I still remember tasting coffee for the first time. I swore never to drink it again. How times have changed, but what hasn't changed is my love for exploring new places. As social media became more popular, I started seeing different bloggers and I always admired how they shared their experiences with the world.


KG: Was it an easy journey that led you here?


A: The whole world of blogging is a totally new experience for me. I follow a few bloggers, but I really was drawn to coffee as it is such a joy for me to drink. Luckily, it is fairly simple to create your own blogging account. I was lucky enough to have a new phone, with a good camera, and an interest for the field.


KG: What was the biggest motivator that led to creating a coffee reviewer business of your own?


A: My husband was my biggest motivator. He has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy. I had always mentioned that it would be a nice hobby to have; to blog about my coffee journey, and one day he just looked at me and said: “Well why don’t you.” I remember sitting in the living room, during lockdown and realizing that this could be something that I could really enjoy. I had recently become a mom and felt that I needed to have something for me, something that I enjoyed. In the same breath, I knew that as a mother I wanted to always teach my son to follow his dreams and how could I achieve that if I did not follow my own dreams.


KG: As an ardent coffee drinker do you sometimes change it up and have done tea?


A: As much as I love coffee, sometimes I really do feel like tea. It truly depends on my mood as well as the food that I am eating. My all-time favorite tea would be English Breakfast. I am also really enjoying adding mint to my tea.


KG: What was the biggest motivator that led to creating a coffee reviewer business of your own?


A: I am one of those people who cannot function without a morning cup of coffee. My day does not begin before I sip on my coffee. Before my blogging began, I usually only had one cup in the morning, but now I have increased my daily dose to around two cups. At the beginning of my blogging, I was so excited and ended up going to 3 coffee shops in one day. I felt rather ill after that and remember driving home thinking: “Okay, calm down with the coffee, Bianca.” From then on, I usually only end up with 2 cups a day. 


KG: What are your plans for the future in terms of you and coffee?


A: Nowadays the future is so unpredictable. My main goal is to always do things that inspire me and add to my overall happiness. I would like to grow my blogging brand, grow my following and continue to support small/local businesses. 

KG: Do you have any advice you can give a younger KhaleejiGirl who wants to follow in your footsteps?


A: My advice to anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps is to jump right in. Believe in yourself and do what makes you happy. I always go back to my favorite quote: “By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.”


KG: Do you have anything else you’d like to add that may be important for the @KhaleejiGirl audience to know?


A: I am always looking for ideas, room to grow, collaborations as well as places to visit and support. If anyone has any local/small businesses that they feel I should support, please reach out to me. Small businesses are the backbone and core to what makes a country unique and special.

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