Khaleejigirl (KG) Interviews Noura Alzabie!

As the @Khaleejigirl company was starting out, I met Noura at a social media class. It was then that I found out she was the had a very important part with the social media club Bahrain chapter since the early days of its foundation.


KG: Please state your name.

A: My name is Noura Abdulla Alzabie.


KG: Describe the journey that led you to the current occupation that you hold right now.

A: Despite my parents and family’s instructions to work only in the education industry as we came from a very nomadic roots and traditional community, which I did in the beginning of my career life, I had a childhood dream and a passion growing up with me all over the years to be a media person and to be an achiever in this field. Few years before the ministry of education calling me for an interview and then to sign my employment contract, my family allowed me to work in the banking sector and in an auditing firm as temporary jobs until I became a teacher or I was able to work in the ministry of education.

In 2013, by the end of the academic year I took a decision to stop wasting my effort in something I totally disliked and didn’t know how to do perfectly for students and education seekers because it is not my passion. I was thinking how to do what I want so my focus was very far away from what I was doing. So, I resigned and applied for a reporter job in the daily tribune newspaper (DT). I enjoyed the time and gained a great experience and a very good training by Raji Unnkrishinnan. By that time, I was handling the (vox pop) weekly page and it was all about interviewing the public and including a specialist view in regard to the published subject. The social media was very fresh and new by that time. I’m talking about 2014! I interviewed the social media legendary Ali Sabkar several times and he saw a talent showing on me and a very strong interest in the new media field. So he offered me a job and by the end of 2014 I joined Sabkar’s team and was able to become the first Bahraini recruited in the global social media club Bahrain chapter. I started doing very simple tasks and jobs until I received my professional education and certification in digital marketing and social media strategy. Then I became a strategist and I was promoted to be the project manager for Bahrain chapter/branch.

By the time, I started to think how to do something else I like while doing my social media job I thought of going into fashion design. So, recently I opened my clothing line called @omnaline for modest and contemporary woman abayas and clothes.


KG: Was there a person that inspired you or tried to discourage you from your current occupation?

A: I left the people who were discouraging me behind me. I look forward to success more.


KG: What advice do you have for a younger Khaleejigirl who is considering following in your footsteps?

A: I strongly believe that the first person to inspire you is yourself, then your community as I always say you are the son of your community! You have to have a passion with a clear message to your community, not to work hard to change their skin to satisfy strangers at the first by first to impress and influence their society.

Then other successful and public people started to influence me every time, so did different situations and events too. To specify some names or characters I was very much inspired by Oprah Winfrey and by her life story, her challenges the way she talks, etc. My mom also inspired me as she came from an Egyptian community and culture, my simple father who passed away in 2016.

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