I'm Fasting. Should I Workout? 


One of the most common fears I have seen when it comes to fasting during Ramadan is gaining weight due to irregular eating patterns that your body is not used to throughout the year. These patterns could include eating the wrong things during this holy month like the traditional foods that many actually look forward to eating during this month. Though the food is delicious, it can also be a little bit heavy on one’s body. I’m talking about the gaymat, thareed, daily samosas, and many other traditional food and treats.  


So many of us shift to keeping an eye on ourselves so that all of the hard fitness work we’ve done throughout the year doesn’t go wasted. Many of us choose to exercise while fasting.


But be warned- exercising while fasting is not meant for everyone at every time of day. Ramadan is a time in which you have to be extra careful with working out so you don't faint or fall ill. Many people who exercise while fasting actually choose to work out an hour before it was time to break the fast where they did the following:


  • Short workouts that range between 30-60 minutes.

  • Light cardiovascular exercises like:

    • Walking.

    • Cycling.

    • Yoga.

    • Mat exercises like push-ups.

  • If you choose to lift weight, go for lighter weights than you would normally push while fasting. (If you lift your normal weight level it could cause joint or muscle injuries and also lead to complications such as low blood pressure, hypoglycaemia and dizziness.)


Do not do the following while working out and fasting:


  • High intensity exercises like sprinting, stepper or heavy weight lifting

  • Stop or leave the workout area if you feel weak, dizzy or sick. 

Good luck to any @KhaleejiGirl brave enough who wants to workout while fasting. Just make sure to be safe. 

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