Makeup Lessons That Last a Lifetime by Noor Al-Alaweyat

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a makeup course conducted by the one and only @themakeupmanual. To be honest, as a @khaleejigirl I already know the basic application tools but of course I should know more. So, when I saw the title of the class was called A to Z Professional Makeup Techniques, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lo and behold my delight when I saw how detailed @themakeupmanual was leaving no brush left unturned and no makeup beauty secret untold.


True the class was detailed but that does not mean it was overwhelming. In fact, @themakeupmanual was able to explain all of the essential tools for a beginner that are needed to practically a full house of women from different ages. She also provided every woman in attendance with a folder that outlined a brush guide which included the different brushes used for the:





She took in all of our questions and answered them with absolute delight. @themakeupmanual showed us what to do with the help of another makeup artist working on an already beautiful model’s makeup step by step that just made her truly look breathtaking.


The @makeupmanual left no makeup essential unturned including the different kinds of everything from foundation to mascara and much more. She mentioned what works best on the different types of skins and what is the best buy for your buck.


I can safely say she allowed the entire room to feel more confident and excited about applying makeup themselves. @themakeupmanual also gave every woman who registered in advance an easy way to begin from the second we all walked in the door with a bag full of makeup goodies from @themakeupmanual’s line. This included:

@themakeupmanual brush canister

@themakeupmanual makeup bag aka crystal pouch

@themakeupmanual deep black waterproof eyeliner

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