Do I Look Like a Damsel in Distress Because I Don't think I'm in Distress! 

I remember walking into a business meeting looking to meet with one and only one person who happened to have a high consultant position at a big time firm. I arrived early so I had to be patient for a bit until the consultant was ready for me.


As I waited for him to finish his meeting with another client before it was time to meet with me, I ran into someone I was part of a toastmasters event during the time I was in high school. We caught up for about ten minutes. Then the business associate was finally ready for me. To my surprise he was joined with the toastmasters young man along with seven other one of his coworkers.


Up until now the story seems as normal as ever right? Especially because I’m not one that will shy away from working with male coworkers. Although I’m sure each of these male counterparts are wonderful, this is probably the first and hopefully last time I’ll share how I could not concentrate on the subject matter of the meeting because of their helpfulness.


Did you ever hear the saying too many cooks in the kitchen Khaleejigirl? That meeting was a prime example.


I left the meeting feeling more confused than when I went into the meeting. Why? Not because these seven men were nasty to me in any way but it was the complete opposite. They were too helpful; they kept on talking over the other because they were eager to please the reason of my mission for going to the meeting.


By the end of the meeting I wouldn’t say I felt like a damsel but I was certainly in distress. And since then, I have not met with the business consultant subconsciously out of fear that the same instance would happen again.

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