College: the Best Years of Your Life 

The "What If" Jitters of Your 1st Year of College.


You’re about to graduate high school in a few months and you may have received your college acceptance letters. Or maybe you haven’t received them yet.  Regardless, the anxiety is palpable and it’s looming over you. You can’t sleep at night pondering all of the “what if” scenarios through your mind.


Picking the Right Major!

Choosing the right major can be a daunting task for any 18 year old. It can take a number of years for some people to reallize what they want to study in their collegitte years whereas for others they know what line is destined for them long before they enter college. 

Why Do We Like Being in Control? 

When a @Khaleejigirl is in control of her own life she takes responsibility of her own actions and choices, they all belong to her and no one else. Of course, this part of a @KhaleejiGirl’s life does not happen overnight. It can sometimes take decades to establish your boundaries that clarify your stance especially to those who are close to you like your parents. But if it is your intention to have your own freedom from those who you felt were trying to place you in a bubble of protection, be wary of what comes with this kind of liberty.


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