Picking the perfect bra for your girls

Let's face it - we've all been there. We've all had that kind of relationship with our "girls". Not knowing the right bra size that's appropriate for both them and you -- after all you need to feel sexy and comfortable while wearing this bra to be the best @khaleejigirl you can be.


This video helps explain the difference between picking the wrong bra size and picking the right size just for you. 

You Can Still Stay Sophisticted without Splurging

We @Khaleejigirls are in our twenties, which is not the best time to splurge on ourselves whenever we want. And though this is without a doubt unfortunate, where some @khaleejigirls begin to wonder about their ability to survive or maintain the lifestyle of their choice if they don’t splurge it’s still possible.


Rest assured it still is possible.




Are You Turning into Her?

How to Know If You're Starting to Turn into Your Mother


Mothers and daughters are destined to fight. And, of course, as young girls, we swore we weren’t going to turn into our mothers when we grew up.


Yet, as we progress into young womanhood, there is some tangible evidence that our biggest nightmare is, in fact, coming true. And although we all love our mothers, I can't help but que the Jaws soundtrack as I realize the inevitable is coming: one way or another we’re bound to turn into our mothers. Oh, don't believe me? Try to not agree with at least some of the points found next..

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